Revolving Check Weigher

Check Weigher RCW100 uses the state of the art technology weigh cell (EMFC) to achieve greater accuracy in dynamic weighing for Aerosol, Cans, Vials, etc. The system provides 100% online weighing, ensuring compliance with international standards of pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries. Check Weigher RCW100 also improves production line profitability through significant reduction in product - give - away. The entire system is made from SS and designed for easy removal for cleaning purposes.


  • Height Adjustment for Ease of Integration with Exiting Line
  • Facility for Dynamic Weight Compensation
  • Display of Net Weight
  • Statistical Data of Total Accept, Total Reject, Standard Deviation
  • Percentage of Rejection, Range Value etc., on HMI display
  • High Accuracy


  • Printer Port
  • PC Communication Software

Areas of Application

  • Aerosol Cans, Eye Drop, etc.
We offer below variants in Revolving Checkweigher Model RCW100. * RCW100 Single station Speed up to 60 Vials Per minute * RCW100 Dual station Speed up to 120 Vials Per minute * RCW100 Four station Speed up to 240 Vials Per minute