Pin Hole Detector

The PHD system is widely used in detecting the micro holes in the Aluminum foil, which might have presence in / generated in the Aluminum foil while cold cup formation. The tablet / capsule may get exposed to the climate / atmosphere after packing, due to micro hole and hence may loose its characteristic / Properties.
The received signal form the Aluminum foil is termed as detection signal. This Detection Signal is given to the PLC of the blister forming/tablet-capsule filling machine,which interninsure to segregate the strip form the line.


  • Infrared Based Inspection System
  • Compact in Size
  • LCD Display
  • Adjustable Threshold
  • Audio / Visual Alarm
  • Floating Contacts Available for
  • Transmitter Fail Relay
  • Defect Relay


  • Available in Custom Sizes
  • Different Scanning Field Widths are Available
  • High Sensitivity : can detect 25 micro Pin Hole

Area of application

  • Tablets, Blister, Gel Capsules