Metaltrap HS 30

Pharma Metal Detector metaltrap HS 30 is an Eddy current based Digital Metal Detection system designed for Pharmaceutical industry for detecting metal contamination in tablets / capsules, preferably installed after Deduster. The system is designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirement and hygienic standards of pharmaceutical industry.


  • Extremely High Detection System for All Metals
  • Sophisticated Intelligent Software to Detect Minute Metal Particles in Addition to Phase Sensitive Detection
  • Certified Validation samples provided
  • Auto Setting Facility
  • Continuous ON Line Self Check Monitoring system
  • Built in Self diagnostic System on LCD display
  • Validation using prompt
  • 100 Product Memory
  • Security levels provided
  • Reject time stamping
  • Fail Safe Mechanism
  • Digital control and signal processing
  • Set parameter data retention on loss of power
  • Buzzer and LED indication on detection of metal contamination
  • LCD bargraph / numeric display to monitor noise and signal
  • Swiveling type Equipment Panel with Display

Area of Application

  • Tablets, Capsules, Gel Capsules
We also offer other Models metaltrap SS30-PH & metaltrap 03 C (Compact)