Combo Deduster + Metal Detector Metaltrap SS30PH

Combo Deduster + Metal Detector consists of vertical bottom to top Deduster integrated with Digital Metal Detector. The Deduster is provided with frequency and power control drive ensuring effective Dedusting and Deburring. The entire Dedusting settings are controlled from the Metal Detector. The inlet can be rotated through 360 o and hence the same can be used for Right or Left outlet of compression machine conveniently. The system is designed to ensure ease for cleaning and the entire Deduster assembly can be dismantled and assembled with in minutes without any tools.


  • Drive Unit of Deduster is of International Quality and Not Motorized One
  • Effect of Vibrations on Metal Detector has been completely Nullified, hence Metal Detector can be used Optimally
  • Even Single Tablet also travels from bottom to top
  • Gas Spring used for Height Adjustment
  • Elevations of Tablets through Multiple no. of Spirals
  • Independent Power and Frequency Adjustment

Areas of Application

  • Tablets

Also available with other models of Metal Detector.