About Us

Technofour Electronics Pvt. Ltd., (TEPL) is part of ‘Technofour’ Group, from Pune, India. ‘Technofour’ is established in 1973 with core strength in ‘Eddy Current Technique’, starting manufacturing of Non – Destructive Test (NDT) Equipment, as Import Substitute and pioneer in the country.

The Metal Detectors are widely used for detecting the external metal contamination in the finished product. The metal contamination may be sourced from raw material, during process, maintenance work, human error, etc.
In the initial stage focused on the FMCG segment, however, entered in the Pharmaceutical and Food segment at later. With the advancement in the technology, systems are designed and developed with the Digital Technique, early 1990’s. Now, the metal detectors of TEPL are based on the latest techniques and offering world class quality and fulfilling norms of the requirements.
Also, introduced indigenous Checkweigher system early 2000, offering the substitute for imported range. Starting for the specific segment and requirement, now, TEPL offers the systems fulfilling various stringent requirements in the field such as Agro Chemicals, Pesticides, Dairy Products, FMCG, Stationary, Petroleum, etc., in addition to Pharmaceutical segment.
TEPL also introduced Pin Hole Detector and Deduster system decade ago, especially for the Pharmaceutical segment. These systems are also Indigenous and based on the world class techniques, as per TEPL profound.

All the systems manufactured by us are based on the latest State of Art Technique, offering the latest features - which are at par with the global market today, in very competitive way!!! These systems can be integrated with other external devices such as Printer, code readers easily. The integration with various brands has been successfully implemented in the field.
Moreover, systems are offered with ease of operation and maintenance. The excellent after sales support arrangement across the globe offers the peace of mind to the user globally.

TEPL is situated at the outskirt of Pune city, Maharashtra, India, spread in about 7 Acres of land with Excellent manufacturing facility. TEPL holds its expertise in their respective field with well qualified staff and dedicated team. TEPL feel as proud that the systems manufactured by us are considered for better quality and performance - in the country and globe. TEPL thanks to all the well-wishers and users for sharing the expectations friendly with us, enabling us to make our product range exceeding the expectations!!! In commitment to the Environment, the entire plant runs on Solar Power Grid of its own and utilizes the Rain Harvested Water plant.

TEPL is also known for customized solutions for Carton Handling Systems (CHS) which is part of Print & Inspection / Track and Trace system. TEPL has developed CHS in such a way that the cartons are handled and transferred smoothly for the printing 2 D / 3 D coding and putting the carton in front of the camera to read the data and record / verification of the same. The same is available for bottle application too. TEPL holds the patent for the said system. The system is offered on OEM basis. TEPL is also coming up with new concept for the stacking of sachets and folding of strip shortly. The same would be having added advantage in Pharmaceutical for ORS powder sachets, FMCG field such as, tea sachet strip, shampoo strip, small oil pouch strip, etc.
It will be our pleasure to discuss about your requirements in detail...